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Here's what my customers are saying about Light Soul Transformations

I have been so challenged in my life by conflicting spiritual views. I was so confused. Jean helped me come to terms with what I had started out in life believing and what I believe now. Thanks to her, I found a way to be the best part of me that I have ever been. I’ll be calling you again soon, Jean. Thanks for all your help.


- Raine D.

I don’t know what it is about Jean but stuff HAPPENS when I work with her. I had some deep desires but I couldn’t seem to get them to move forward. I was finally able to get out of my own way to make amazing things happen. THANKS SO MUCH!


- Tim K.

Jean has a way with words that always surprises me. She’s challenging and she can think circles around me. IT WAS EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED. I had been stubborn and unwilling to hear the truths knocking at my door. 


My choices were destroying the business I had built, and I couldn’t stop running from my fear. Jean lit a candle and showed me that the monsters I thought I faced weren’t at all what I thought they were. I could finally see the truth, and that’s when things really started moving.


- Jes P.

When I met Jean, I was a mess! I was living a lie about who I thought I was, and I was at one of the unhappiest points in my life. The time I invested with Jean helped me come to grips with my reality and empowered me to make the changes to transform everything in my life from perceived failures to success. It was the single most rewarding time frame I have ever experienced. Thank you for being such a wonderful and talented person. Jean, thank you for helping me find my best self.


- C.J. T.

If it wasn’t for your dedication to help me when I needed it most, I would be a totally different person than I am today. All of your dedication helped me become the person I am today. Thank you for helping me change my life around a full 180 degrees.


- Zabryna M.-N.

Jean is a truth teller. She came into my life at a point when I felt like everyone lied to me all the time. She helped me let go of the people and thoughts that were holding me back. She helped me discover that I could be in charge of my life and that I was capable of leading my life. Thank you for helping me forward.”


- Maurine L.

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