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Counseling Details

  Jean works with ages 14 and up, families, and couples as needed. Remot options are available, please ask.

  Jean’s focus is toward members and their relations of the LGBT+ community.

  Jean has limited space available so be sure to ask for a FREE 30-minute consultation. Call 719-640-1200 to schedule today.

  Jean's session fee is $125, though slots are made available for sliding-scale cost.


  Please email Jean today at to find out if slots are available.


  For many reasons, Jean does not accept insurance for counseling services.

"You know when you get that just right person?....... "It's Magic"

Jean is that - she's MAGIC. I have made more progress on things in one month of working with her than I had in a year of work with other people.

She has the IT factor. There's no way I could repay her for the help and guidance she has provided me."


- Julia

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