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Irlen Diagnostician and

Counseling Services

  Jean Parcher is the owner and founder of Light Soul Transformation, offering counseling services and Irlen Diagnostic services. Jean offers compassionate and non-judgmental assistance to people who desire to grow and live a full and more balanced life. Jean will help you identify the root causes of problems and seek to assist with resolution in those areas. 

Irlen Diagnostician

  Jean lives with Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome which is the official name for Irlen Syndrome. She has decided to offer Light Sensitive Evaluations, Reports and Diagnostic services related to light sensitive issues.  This is used to identify light sensitive disability and provide treatment for light sensitivity problems.​


Jean assists and motivate clients in developing and accomplishing realistic goals and positive life-altering changes. This may include modifying or adjusting goals or environments based on a given situation. 

Jean empowers clients to plan and establish priorities so that they have a better perspective and can take the approach that works best for them. Other areas she focuses on include:  increasing confidence; self-worth & self-esteem; building healthy relationships; creating work and academic environments which increase productivity and success; mastering balance and self-care while juggling challenges of life; and much more.

  It is imperative to Jean that you feel supported as a whole and unique person to benefit from the therapeutic experience. This is especially true for those confronted with the double stigma of mental health issues and marginalized status such as, gender, intersex, LGBTQ+ and other identity issues. Jean graduated from the University of Colorado with her Masters Degree in Human Resourses and Counseling.


 Jean can also assist with resources, and letters of support from treatment involving Gender Dysphoria and Transgender situations. Light Soul Transformation is a safe and non-judgmental place for self-examination and growth for the surrounding LGBTQ+ community.

Jean is one in a thousand. The first time you ever sit down with her, she brings a vast reservoir of knowledge and expertise and a vastly open mind. She’s observant intelligent, compassionate, and possesses an incredible genius for connection. 


I brought her the strangest, most hopeless moment in my life and she dug through it with me until I could see the reality in it. Jean doesn’t flinch. I found traction. I continue to find relief and challenge and the strength I need.


- Suzanne A.

Contact Me


   Sessions to meet in person are being held on a case by case basis. If you have been exposed to COVID 19, I will reach out through some sort of zoom online web-conferencing or phone arrangement. 

   Irlen Screenings and Diagnostic Services are being handled on a case by case basis.

   I am open and I am doing my best to support everyone who needs help. Please be patient in my response times but if you are not hearing from me please try again. It could simply be that I missed your email. 

Please feel free to ask for details.

Have questions?

Please feel free to ask. I am available for consultations. Sessions are conducted in person, by phone and online. 

Colorado Springs, Colorado

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