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Functional Life Coaching programs

A note from Jean:

Hi Everyone,

ADD / ADHD Packages &

High Functioning Austism / Asperger Packages 

I am in the process of designing packages for both of these coaching services.


For now, if you would like to get moving toward a better life simply write me a note below in the contact me section and we will work out the details of your program.

Thanks so much for your patience. ~Jean

Holistic Self-Care

  Are you trying to find what makes sense for you? Do you wake up to a life you love, looking forward to the day ahead? Are you just trying to find balance and make better life choices? 

  Often we struggle to make changes in our daily habits. We also struggle to find balance in our lives. Those old habits hold us back and leave us feeling unhappy about how we are living. If you are trying to make changes in your lifestyle and trying to figure out what works, this program is for you. 


  In this series of four sessions, we get to the heart of what may be holding you back to find the sweet spot for the new version of you to move forward. Go ahead and leave the old habits behind. Life is meant to be lived! You deserve to ENJOY every moment!


  What's Included in the Program: 

  •  4 - 1.5 hour sessions spaced over 2 months (recorded for reference), improve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being

  • Tools, exercises, and practices to help you enjoy greater abundance, ease, and flow

  • BONUS! One (1) FREE Energy Therapy Session ($150 Value)

  The Holistic Self-Care Package is just $200. Call 719-640-1200 today for a FREE 30-minute consultation.

  People who are committed to this program experience a new sense of living. Don’t waste another day. If you want clarity and guidance as you step into your higher vibration, then the Holistic Self Care program is for you!

Private Coaching and Customized Plans

  Sometimes we don’t know exactly what we need. Or we do know what we need, but we can’t find what we are looking for. I have a wide range of skills, all you need to do is ask! My areas of specialty include:

  • Clarity Sessions: get a better sense of who you are

  • Small start-up business consulting

  • Law of attraction and energy work

  • Transformative Experiences 

  • Reiki Instruction

  • Empowerment 

  • Life skills development

  • Improving sales

  • Improving wellness 

  • Personal development and more

  If you would like to find out if we are a good fit to work together, or if you have any questions, please contact me.

Gender Identity Development – Navigating the Trans and Non-Binary Self 

    You’re unique. But that doesn’t mean there’s no one else like you. We are all on a quest to find our truth, our answers specific to us.

    Do you find yourself asking:

  • I don’t feel like the gender people say I am. What does that mean?

  • What does my gender mean to myself and others? 

  • What happens if I don’t fit the “normal” gender choices? 

  • How do I know what I am?

    This is a safe place for you to jump start your exploration of who you are on all levels as it relates to your gender identity. Sometimes we really need to know ourselves before we can answer questions like this.

    This program is designed to give you the time and the ability to explore and understand who you are. Life is meant to lived, and this is your jump start!


Program Includes:

  • Jump Start ~ 12 sessions over 4 months — typically 3 sessions per month — normally $1800 value, now $1500

  • Quest for truth continues — 6 more sessions for $600

  • Setting up for success — complete the whole processes over 20 sessions for — $2000 (saving $1000)

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