Jean Parcher is a lesbian, veteran who specializes in gender and  identity issues that are uniquely common among the LGBT+ community. 

Functional Life Coaching

  Jean has a very creative approach that customizes skills and experiences to the client she is working with at the moment. She uses a combination of intuitive readings and healings, psychic intuition, channeling, energy therapy techniques, law of attraction principles, and life coaching tools.

  Scoptic Sensitivity Syndrome (light sensitivity) is a condition when the brain is affected by light the eyes are receiving. This may cause problems with learning. 

Irlen Diagnostic Services

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   Sessions to meet in person are being held on a case by case basis. If you have been exposed to COVID 19, I will reach out through some sort of zoom online web-conferencing or phone arrangement. 

   Irlen Screenings and Diagnostic Services are being handled on a case by case basis.

   I am open and I am doing my best to support everyone who needs help. Please be patient in my response times but if you are not hearing from me please try again. It could simply be that I missed your email. 

Please feel free to ask for details.

Have questions?

Please feel free to ask. I am available for consultations. Sessions are conducted in person, by phone and online. 

Colorado Springs, Colorado

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