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LGBT+ Counselor |Comprehenisve Life Coach


Is No Accident


  Jean Parcher is a lesbian, veteran who specializes in gender and  identity issues that are uniquely common among the LGBT+ community. 

Comprehensive Life Coaching

Life Coaching - Jean utilizes grounded, practical, multidisciplinary coaching skills to help guide and inspire forward motion and connection. She empowers people to reach out and use skills and solutions discovered as a team effort. Jean assists people in accessing their best ability to function in the current societal structure.

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Jean is an amazing multi-talented individual. She is so educated and it's scary just how accurate she was about my problems. I'm so glad I decided to give her a chance. I had basically given up finding a counselor because no one was understanding me. Deciding to give her a chance was the best decision I ever made for myself. I really appreciate you Jean. Thank you for changing my life.

- A.K.G.


Counseling Services,
Irlen Diagnostician 

  Jean Parcher is the owner and founder of Light Soul Transformation, offering counseling services, and Irlen Diagnostic Services.

  Jean offers compassionate and non-judgmental assistance to people who desire to grow and live a full and more balanced life. Jean will help you identify the root causes of problems and seek to assist with resolution in those areas. 

 Jean has found that exploring your life journey and equipping you with a myriad of life-skills and tools, helps people achieve internal balance, new-found success, and self-discovery. 

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