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IrleN Diagnostic Fees

Irlen Phase 1 Screening

  • Determines if the Irlen Method will be helpful to you

  • Evaluates the actual problems/distortions being experienced

  • One Time Fee - $175 (payment plan available)

Irlen Phase 2 Diagnostic

  • Determines the specialized Spectral Filter specifications

  • Resolves distortions identified during the screening process

  • One Time Fee - $300 (payment plan available)

Irlen Glasses

  • Frames provided by you

  • Includes specialized Spectral Filters and other items

  • Cost is estimated (completed at time of services)

Spectral Filter Check

  • Typically averages one per year, arrangements for children needing more frequent checks may be made

  • $100 flat fee

Letters and Evaluation

(Optional, one-time fee $125, payment plan available) 

  • Includes 504 and IEP letters, Work Verifications

  • Student Accommodations and other items

Use the Contact Me option below to reach Jean directly for exact fees and other information about special circumstances. 

Please feel free to ask questions as well.

Click for more Information. 

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